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Nov 03

Annie.. I thank you..

Engulfing darkness
Impaling the soul with torment
Anguish depletes suggestion
I lose all control
The mind wanders
Searching for alternatives
Discovering but only one mean of absolution
The pain belittles my body
Tearing me apart from the inside
I watch as i wither to nothingness
Alone once more
Starving for affection
But only finding blackness
Punishment I’ve welcome with open arms
I lie here starved and battered
Wishing for a way out
I’ve found it; You
You led me from my cold darkness
Into your shining warmth
Appraisal and love
I thank you..
I love you..

Tears Of A Whore


The lonely adolescent
Fresh from the womb
Torn wide
Her emotions askew
She runs to hide
Disowned and blackened
Her life resides
She tries to bare
The anguish and sorrow
Where there once was
Is now hollow
The once beating heart
Now lain still
Her childish error
Which led to kill
Her unlawful decision
Has shown no mercy
Proved nothing to which
Has erupted controversy
She tries to face
Her family and friends
But the tears of a whore
Know no end

Oct 22


her bodies scorn
fragile and weak
muscles torn
joints creak
alone and scared
she walks this earth
thinking of memories
starting from birth
she phones the lot
to come to her need
but most ignore
and wallow in greed
they tend to care
whenever they want
shone ridicule
most taunt
she fends her own
and takes good care
until the sorrowful day
she dies alone

Oct 08

Without You

Without you
My hands grow cold
Lips starved
My chest hollowed
Without you
I am nothing
Lost and forgotten
All hope fades
I dare not wish
To wake from this dream
You are my everything
Without you
I’m dead

:i love you annie:

Oct 02


:sigh:… can things get any worse in my families situational disfunctionality…..